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Dear friends! Dear investors!
I welcome you and bring to your attention the investment proposals of the municipal district "Buinaksky district"!

Buynaksky district is located in the foothills of the Republic of Dagestan and covers an area of ​​182,648 ha. The permanent population of the district is more than 82 thousand people. The district includes 30 settlements, 20 municipalities.
Buynaksky district is not only a land with a unique culture and rich history, but also one of the promising areas of the Republic of Dagestan. One of the main directions in the work of the municipality was and remains the solution of socio-economic problems.
The success of the development of the region is largely determined by the state of our economy, which is based on agriculture and industry. In 2021, as well as in previous years, a policy was pursued to improve the social sphere, improve the area, develop investment attractiveness, develop education, healthcare, culture and sports.
If we evaluate the economic situation, the past year for the region was positive, focused on the development of the socio-economic situation, the implementation of state and municipal programs, and the fulfillment of tasks. This is evidenced by the fact that our region occupies prize-winning places in socio-economic development among the foothill regions of the republic.
By the end of the year, the Ministry of Economy and Territorial Development of the Republic of Dagestan forms a rating of municipalities on promoting competition and providing conditions for a favorable investment climate. It is pleasant to note that in 2020, in this rating, the Buynaksky district took the honorable first place among the municipalities of the republic.
The area specializes in the production of agricultural and industrial products.
We have extensive areas for grazing livestock and fodder for the winter. There are all opportunities for the development of viticulture, horticulture, vegetable growing and melon growing.
For the needs of the local population, clay, sandstone, etc. are used as building materials. There are all prerequisites for the development of the mineral resource base, which requires geological exploration in the region both to confirm the reserves of existing deposits and to search for new mineral deposits .
Increasing the level of investment attractiveness is considered by us as the most important direction of state policy, designed to ensure stable economic growth.
Active work is underway to attract investments for the implementation of large investment projects in such sectors of the economy as: industry, agro-industrial complex, production of building materials and tourist and recreational complex.
The distinctive features of the Buynaksky district in terms of investment attractiveness are:
1) Favorable geographical position;
2) Mild temperate continental climate;
3) A developed network of children's health camps, the Termenlik camp site, the Kazanishchensky natural monument - a forest of the rarest species of hornbeam and beech, oak with an area of ​​6 thousand square meters. km, the Sulak Canyon is the second deepest in the world (1920 m), Gagarin Peak, Ismail-tau on one of the most beautiful ridges of the Caucasus - Gimrinsky (Koisubulinsky), a rock near Kafir-Kumukh, where the residence of the Shamkhals of Tarkovsky was located;
4) Significant deposits of marble (near Mount Shishilik-Meer) and sand;
5) The system of transport communications is developed, the distance to Makhachkala is 45 km, as well as to the international seaport. A railway runs through the territory of the district from the administrative center of the district - the city of Buynaksk to the capital of Dagestan - Makhachkala;
6) On the administrative border of our and Untsukulsky districts, the Gimrinsky tunnel is located, connecting the foothill and plain Dagestan with the highlands;
7) Availability of modern means of communication;
8) Sufficiently high standard of living of the population. Developed community services in the area. So 29 out of 30 settlements are fully gasified;
9) More than 400 jobs are created in the district every year, including temporary (seasonal) jobs in the field of construction, reconstruction of facilities and investment projects in the agro-industrial complex;
10) Every year the most successful entrepreneurs of the region participate and win prizes in various republican competitions.
In the region, on average, two large investment projects are implemented annually, where the total investment is from 50 to 100 million rubles and 25-50 jobs are created.
The main priorities of investment development are: agriculture, industry, extraction and production of building materials and the tourist and recreational complex.


Dear investors!

We are always ready to work in an open and constructive dialogue. Residents of the Buynaksky district are energetic people who love and know how to study, they have always achieved success in work, study and sports. Buynaksky district is focused on the future. It is profitable to invest in our area.
We invite


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